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Enzyme Complete incorporates a special proprietary blend of various enzymes, including brush border enzymes, that has been meticulously designed to support the gastrointestinal system.* This formula combines a broad spectrum of enzymes to help support the digestion of sugars, starches, fibers, proteins, and fats.* It also includes HCI for further digestive support.*
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*Fast Acting
*Broad Spectrum
*Plant-Based Enzymes
*2 Products in 1
*pH Optimized
*Tested for Gluten
*Tested for Dairy


*Broad spectrum of digestive needs
addressed in one capsule*
*pH-optimized enzymes for targeted
digestive support*
*Two products in one with plant-based
enzymes and HCl
*Ingredients to support both gastric and
intestinal enzymatic function*
*Enzymes in key ratios to support today’s
dietary needs*